Hello, hello, I am now open for digital and traditional commissions, please visit this post for more information ^^ !!
Spreading the word and reblogs are very much appreciated ♥ thank you in advance~

two little designs I did, I haven’t really decided what I’m gonna do with them though ;;;

a mixture of thingsss// some from instagram. I keep drawing random stuff when really I should be working on a project _(:3

Summary of Art 2013 /___\ !! I feel like I’ve learnt a lot this year. I am super happy to get back into drawing even though I still don’t do as much haha and also got back into traditional stuff // !! This year I met a bunch of amazing people and reconnected with others too; aswell as selling at my first con. So I think 2013 went really well and has been so much fun. I just hope to be more consistent next year as I want to find my style~

Happy New Year everyone ! ☆

Another print, this time it’s CCS~! ;v; I wish I could’ve spent longer on it but I am running out of time :’(

It’s finished /screeches !! BLOOD, BLOOD EVERYWHERE.
Will be available as a print for my up-coming con (MCM Birmingham) and online store :)

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